Abarth exhausts: the factory of noise
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Abarth exhausts: the factory of noise

Carlo Abarth has been a myth for teenagers in the ‘50s and ‘60s and still today any sport car enthusiasts’ eyes sparkle when hearing his name. His firm leap to the fore for its tuning, its elaborations, its victories on tracks all over the world, and for the sport accessories developed to answer any enthusiasts’ dream to run faster. Among these accessories, the famous exhausts. We tell here the history of the exhausts produced by Abarth specifically for Triumph cars.

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Models: GT6 MKI / GT6 MKII / GT6 MKIII / Herald 948 / Roadster TR3 / Roadster TR4 / Spitfire 4 / Spitfire MKII / Spitfire MKIII / Spitfire MKIV / Spitfire 1500

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