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Stag Mk1/Mk2

In 1965 Giovanni Michelotti asked to his friend Harry Webster, Standard-Triumph Director of Engineering & Development, to supply him a 2000 Mk1 to transform in a convertible to display at the forthcoming Turin Motor Show. Webster agreed on the understanding that he could keep this model-to-be for him. Michelotti's design was so appreciated that not only Triumph produced the convertible, but its styling affected the 2000 Mk2. Born to compete with Mercedes, the Stag suffered from overheating problems of the 3 litres V8 engine, which were only partially reduced in the Mk2.

Body: Convertible
Production dates: From 01/01/1970 to 01/12/1977
Total production: 25939
Engine capacity: 2997 cc
Drive: Rear-wheel
Brakes (front / rear): Disc / Drum
Wheels: Disco in acciaio 5J
Tires: 185 HR 14
Max speed: 0 km/h
0-60 mph: 10 s
Torque: 24.43 kg/m a 3500 g/m
Power: 145 cv
Gearbox: 4 marce sync + RM (opzionale Overdrive o cambio automatico)
Final Drive: 3.7:1
Length: 4420 cm
Width: 1612 cm
Height: 1258 cm
Wheelbase: 2540 cm
Weight: 1200 kg

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