Models | GT6


This GT6 version includes all the body and mechanical changes of the latest versions of the Spitfire. More straight lines, upgrading of the internal trim, refinement in the mechanics to freshen a line that looks modern also today.

Body: Coupe
Production dates: From 01/10/1970 to 01/12/1973
Total production: 13042
Engine capacity: 1998 cc
Drive: Rear-wheel
Brakes (front / rear): Disc / Drum
Wheels: 4.5x13
Tires: 155SR-13
Max speed: 180 km/h
0-60 mph: 10 s
Torque: 158 Nm
Power: 104 CV
Fuel system: 2 Zenith Stromberg CD150
Gearbox: 4 marce+RM sync
Final Drive: 3,27:1 - 3,89:1
Length: 378 cm
Width: 150 cm
Height: 120 cm
Wheelbase: 211 cm
Weight: 920 kg

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