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1500 1500/1500TC

The Triumph 1500 substituted in August 1970 the preceding version 1300: the new model had the same central body part of the 1300, with a completely redesigned front part, now with twin headlights, and rear part now longer and with new horizontal rear lamps. The 61 HP, 1493 cm³ engine was equipped with a single SU carburetor; the suspensions had coil springs on each wheel, but only the front one were independent, while the rear had a rigid axle: this solution was a step back with respect to the fully independent suspensions of the old 1300,. In 1972 the engine was upgraded to 65 HP by adopting a new carburetor, while in October 1973 the 1500 was substituted by the TC version: this new model maintained the 1.493 cm³ engine updated with two SU carburetors, that allowed a top speed of 148 Km/h, but abandoned the front-wheel drive in favor of a rear-wheel drive with differential ratio 3.63:1.

Body: Saloon
Production dates: From 01/08/1970 to 01/03/1976
Total production: 91902
Engine capacity: 1493 cc
Drive: Front-wheel
Brakes (front / rear): Disc / Drum
Wheels: 4,5 x 13 in acciaio
Tires: 155 x 15
Max speed: 142 km/h
0-60 mph: 16 s
Torque: 81 lb·ft a 2700 rpm
Power: 61 a 5000 rpm
Fuel system: un carburatore SU
Gearbox: 4 marce sincrnizzate + RM
Final Drive: 4.37:1
Length: 411 cm
Width: 157 cm
Height: 137 cm
Wheelbase: 246 cm
Weight: 949 kg

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