About us

Triumph In Italy has been launched by four enthusiasts of Triumph cars, and classic cars in general, wanting to contribute to extend the knowledge of the glorious Coventry brand.

Triumph In Italy is self-financed, has no link with any business and is friendly towards all brand or model Clubs or Registers, with which we aim to have relationship of mutual friendship and respect.

This site will contain technical information and documents coming from those that some of us have collected during the years and from our contacts with persons that are part of the history of Triumph, as well as stories about travels, restoration experience and many other topics written by Triumph enthusiasts.

If you want to share with others your experiences with your Triumph or any topic on the “Triumph world” on which you feel competent, just contact us at this address redazione@triumphinitaly.it.

P.S.: why the name Triumph In Italy ? This was the title of a brochure presenting the Triumph cars distributed in Italy by Ducati Meccanica in the sixties. As Italian enthusiasts, we like to start from this all Italian historical link to underline our passion for this brand who wrote wonderful pages of the automobile history.

Aaron Severson

Everything by: Aaron Severson

Alain Deprez

Everything by: Alain Deprez

Alessandro Maschi

Classe 1974, sono nato e cresciuto nel veronese e ho scoperto le Triumph non molti anni fa per merito (o per colpa?) di una Spitfire 1500 del 1976.
Dopo averla guidata lungo le strade del Centro-Nord Italia, sono passato prima a una Vitesse 2 Litre Convertible del 1967 per poi giungere alle mie due attuali GT6 Mk2 del 1969 e Spitfire Mk2 del 1965.

Everything by: Alessandro Maschi