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The SC (Small Car) series engines

When you raise the bonnet of your Herald or Spitfire you may receive a lot of comments about the small engine lost in its wide bay. This engine claims an history and and evolution that, despite the various opinions on its reliability, made it the real strength of these cars.

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Models: 1300 1300/1300TC / 1500 1500/1500TC / 2000/2500 MK1 / 2000/2500 MK2 / GT6 MKI / GT6 MKII / GT6 MKIII / Herald 948 / Herald 1200 e 12/50 / Herald 13/60 / Spitfire 4 / Spitfire MKII / Spitfire MKIII / Spitfire MKIV / Spitfire 1500 / Vitesse 1600 / Vitesse 2 Litre e MK2

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