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Walter Belgrove, the man with a magic pencil

Donald Healey said that he was “the first real British designer”. This would suffice to define Walter Belgrove. The Triumph myth owns much to the work, imagination and creativity of this artist and designer. Even today we remain captured by the lines of the Triumph that he shaped: suffice it to think of TR2 and TR3, not to say ofth e mythical “Flow-Free” of the ‘30s. Walter Belgrove is one of those figures that, as a Triumph enthusiast, I would like to have met once in my life, but unfortunately the time-machine is not invented yet. But we can luckily know him a bit more closer thanks to our friend Tom Robinson, that I wholeheartedly thanks, that tells us of his meeting with Walter, occurred in the 70s. In this article we tried to tell the works of this great British designer, even if we are fully aware that many aspects should be studied in more depth and clarified. We therefore thanks in advance all those that could provide us with more information on the life and works of Walter Belgrove.

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Models: Roadster TRX / Roadster TR2 / Roadster TR3

Keywords: Canley / Walter Belgrove

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Atlas, a van for all seasons

Atlas: this name is unfamiliar to most, but the Atlas was a popular van built by Standard Triumph. Not only sports cars, then, but commercial vehicles too. Let's discover this fascinating vehicle built in Coventry.

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Models: Atlas Atlas / Atlas Major

Keywords: Bodywork / Commercial vehicles

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Captains Courageous: Salvatore Ruffino and his Italia

When in November 1944 Sir John Black bought the ruins of Triumph, he had a dream: he wanted to use the brand “Triumph” to compete with his friend William Lyons, the owner of SS Cars Ltd ( later to become Jaguar ) to whom the “Standard Motor Company” had been a long time engines supplier. In 1958 when Salvatore Ruffino decided to build his coupe, Edmonds, the representative of Standard in Italy, thought that the dream of Sir John Black (who had since left the Standard ) could find be fulfilled. However Coventry did not understand the project and its potential and lost the opportunity to have the most beautiful GT ever to carry the name “Triumph”: the Italia 2000. The Italia 2000 was also the dream of a man who was a very successful entrepreneur who lived a very intense life. Today we would like to remember this italian man, Salvatore Ruffino, who gave us a car in front of which our French cousins would use only one word: "Chapeau!"

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Models: Italia 2000 Italia 2000

Keywords: Giovanni Michelotti / Salvatore Ruffino

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Flying on wheels

Early ’60s. While contrasting signals between war and peace cross the world, Michael Sullivan, a young USA Navy pilot based in the UK, drives his TR3A across our continent. His memories of those summers give us a fresco of the Europe that was.

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Models: Roadster TR3

Keywords: Travels

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