Robert Leitch

Robert grew up on a street in Glasgow where everybody seemed to own Minis, Minors and 1100s. The hands-on approach these cars required was the start of a lifelong fascination. Despite learning to drive in an ADO16, he confesses to a lifetime of automotive apostasy and an omnivorous interest in cars of all origins. An unexpected posting to Birmingham, for the two years before the axe fell on MG Rover, rekindled his interest in BMC>MG and a number of contributions to AROnline have followed.
As well as contributing to AR’s forums, he writes his own 5ivegearsinreverse blog which he describes as "automotive observations occasionally informed by an arcane body of obsessively-garnered knowledge, but more often simply by disbelief, bewilderment, and spite."

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Aaron Severson

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Alain Deprez

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Alessandro Maschi

Classe 1974, sono nato e cresciuto nel veronese e ho scoperto le Triumph non molti anni fa per merito (o per colpa?) di una Spitfire 1500 del 1976.
Dopo averla guidata lungo le strade del Centro-Nord Italia, sono passato prima a una Vitesse 2 Litre Convertible del 1967 per poi giungere alle mie due attuali GT6 Mk2 del 1969 e Spitfire Mk2 del 1965.

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