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The Illustrated History of Triumph Sports and Racing Cars

There are many books abuout Triumph, provided that the research is extended to those written in English. In addition to its home country, where it was a generalist builder like many others, Canley's house historically was relevant in the United States which absorbed up to 80% of its production. The spread of Triumph models, also driven by success in American competitions, led over the years to the birth of a multitude of enthusiasts' clubs and books. This volume comes from the States and G. William Krause, the author, keeps what the title promises by talking about Triumph sports cars: the TR range and the Spitfire/GT6.

By: G. William Krause
Publisher: CarTech
Language: English
Year: 2017
ISBN: 9781613253397
Price: $ 26,95

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Models: Acclaim Acclaim / GT6 MKI / GT6 MKII / GT6 MKIII / Italia 2000 Italia 2000 / Razor-edge style Saloon 1800 Town & Country Saloon / Razor-edge style Saloon 2000 TDA Saloon / Razor-edge style Saloon Renown TDB / Razor-edge style Saloon Mayflower / Razor-edge style Saloon Renown Limousine / Razor-edge style Saloon Renown TDC / Roadster 1800 e 2000 / Roadster TRX / Roadster TR2 / Roadster TR3 / Roadster TR4 / Roadster TR5 / Roadster TR6 / Roadster TR7 / Roadster TR8 / Spitfire 4 / Spitfire MKII / Spitfire MKIII / Spitfire MKIV / Spitfire 1500 / Stag Mk1/Mk2

Keywords: Alick Dick / Giovanni Michelotti / Harry Webster / Kas Kastner / Le Mans / Macau / Peter Brock / Sabrina / Sir John Black / Sport / Stanley Markland / TR250K / Walter Belgrove

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