Spitfire Mk IV, the slowest of the models. Or maybe not…

By Marco Testa

Change the character of your car. With today's cars - aseptic and perfect as they are - it is almost impossible, but not with the Spitfire which is something more than a beautiful roadster: the Spit is a nice toy which offers itself to these things, especially when there is the passion, the curiosity and the desire to learn and to compete with ourselves. Marco, in this his article, tells us about his experience about the engine of his Mk IV which from a "Sleeping Beauty" has now become smart, giving him the great satisfaction of having done all the work by himself . This is the great magic this wonderful car gives us, it allows us to make ourselves the changes and improvements, it’s what in England is called tuning.

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Models: Spitfire 4, Spitfire MKII, Spitfire MKIII, Spitfire MKIV, Spitfire 1500

Tags: DIY, Engine

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