SAH 8 porte 1.147cc

By Fabrizio Comi

The short history of the birth of this small wonder that has written pages of the racing history of the small Spitfire. This article is just a small contribution to make the facts that have led to the birth of this head known, and to tell how Triumph could manage its limited economical resources to be able to compete in the motorsport world. A small object, but full of significance, that could give its lucky owners great satisfactions. Very rare, it has almost no market. We in "Triumph in Italy" are so lucky to have in our “dynamic museum” some of these heads and can witness its performances. Not just an aftermarket item, but a real piece of Triumph history.

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Models: Herald 1200 e 12/50, Spitfire 4, Spitfire MKII

Tags: Accessories, Competitions, Harry Webster, Le Mans, SAH, Syd Hurrell, TriumphTune

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