Triumph Spitfire and GT6: A Guide to Originality

By John Thomason

Publisher: Crowood Press
Language: English
Year: 1995
ISBN: 9781861268617
Price: £ 14,99

One good thing about the Spitfire is that you don't need to be a classic cars enthusiast to appreciate it but you just have to want to own and drive a fun, easy-to-manage roadster. But if you are an enthusiast or you became it thanks to her, maybe you'd like to know more about her and understand how much your car is close to originality. In this case no book will help you as much as the one by John Thomason would, so that almost everybody refers as it as "the bible".
(By Alessandro Maschi)

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Models: GT6 MKI, GT6 MKII, GT6 MKIII, Spitfire 4, Spitfire MKII, Spitfire MKIII, Spitfire MKIV, Spitfire 1500

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