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This section of Triumph In Italy contains review of books, by our editorial staff.

We review mainly books related to Triumph, but also books of general “petrolhead” interest, even if not specific on Triumph models, can be reviewed. They can be new books, books already known and even books that are out of print but that you should have in your bookshelf and worth to be searched for in the second-hand market.

The menu on the left shows the list of books reviewed; by clicking on the book title, a page is presented with the review text.

Reviews of book of interest by any Triumph enthusiasts are welcome. Just write to to propose your review.

All these documents are written by fellow enthusiasts, and at the moment they are in Italian only. To translate all of them in English is a huge job, considering that this site is only based on volunteer work in our free time. Should you want to have a copy in English of one of the articles, please write an e-mail to We will do our best to upload the translation.