Herald, fresh air at Standard Triumph

By Giancarlo Cavallini

The story of the Herald is among the least known, although it's very fascinating. The Herald is a milestone in the history of Standard Triumph: it was the first production car designed by Giovanni Michelotti for the British company and marked the farewell, from the commercial point of view, of the brand "Standard" in favor of the "Triumph" name, now more attractive on the sales market. The Herald was born in one of the most complicated periods for the Standard Motor Company and its solutions influenced the whole production of the sixties: without the Herald and its commercial success, we wouldn't have had the Spitfire and GT6 and the fate of the Standard Triumph would have been at risk. In Italy the Herald hadn’t a large sales volume and after more than fifty years it’s still a little known an underrated car, unlike what happens in Anglo-Saxon countries where it's very appreciated for its particular drawing and for historical value. In this article we tell the complex story of his birth.

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Models: Herald 948, Herald 1200 e 12/50, Herald 13/60

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