Triumph In Italy is a sort of web magazine, open to anyone who has interesting material, stories, information on the Triumph world to share. These information are given as monographic articles, each one dedicated to a specific topic.

The column on the left is the Table of Contents of this section of the magazine, divided in Categories (others can be added in the future):
- Biographies (history of persons related to the history of Triumph)
- Restorations (stories and experiences on restorations; technical information; tips...)
- History and Culture (History of the Triumph brand and of its models; racing history; curiosities...)
- Technical topics and Tuning
- Travels (stories about travels and adventures with Triumph cars)
- Events (meetings, races and car shows)
Clicking on the category name, the complete list of all articles present under the category is given. Clicking on an article, a page is presented with a short abstract of the article and the link to the pdf file of the article, to be downloaded, printed or saved in your PC for future reference. The tags given in the article page are keywords that are provided to make search for material on a specific topic easier. If you are interested in a specific topic, clicking on the relevant keyword will present on the left side all the documents, in any section of the site, that are associated to the same tag.

This site is a magazine open to anyone having an interest on Triumph cars: no registration, login, etc is required to have access to the material provided in the site. However, all the articles are original works coming from the passion of the Author and that cost time and work: you can use them as you like, we only ask you to quote the author and Triumph In Italy , and to add the link to this site if you share the article in the Internet. Of course, any commercial use of the material downloaded from this site is forbidden.

Enjoy reading.

All these documents are written by fellow enthusiasts, and at the moment they are in Italian only. To translate all of them in English is a huge job, considering that this site is only based on volunteer work in our free time. Should you want to have a copy in English of one of the articles, please write an e-mail to We will do our best to upload the translation.